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We spoke to over 100 people all of them said it’s hard to buy make up online. That’s because when you go online your met Continue reading


Our goal is to provide an educational platform that combines the competitiveness and progression tracking of trivia games with course specific questions and material to Continue reading


People only think about their food at home when they need, so that thought is pushed back in their mental que. For most people that’s Continue reading

Smart Graid

Course instructors spend between 50-80% of their appointment on grading student assessments, such as tests and assignments. Grading is time-consuming because instructors review and grade Continue reading


City drivers are routinely faced with rising challenges in finding parking spaces. A driver spends an average of 8 minutes finding a spot in city Continue reading


Undergraduate students strive to complement their studies with research internships. For this, they send hundreds of emails, hoping to land an opportunity. Similarly, professors who Continue reading


In today’s world, tech-companies do not provide a way for visually impaired people to communicate with society. Vis-abled is here to offer innovative, yet simple, Continue reading


“In minimally invasive surgeries, medical access ports (trocars) are inserted through the abdomen to create a working channel through which other tools are passed to Continue reading


The pre-existing solution for industrial mats used in any frequently used building entrance is unable to serve its purpose when it’s put to use. The Continue reading


Having private conversations, playing music and watching movies are all common things that people would do in their home. However, many apartment buildings have limited Continue reading


Team Genecis envisions a world where the waste of today becomes the platinum of tomorrow. Each year, over $750 billion worth of food is wasted, Continue reading

EngineHire is a data driven platform that connects engineering companies with young engineering talent. There are thousands of small and mid-size engineering companies in all Continue reading